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The weather programme I’m doing for BBC Radio 4 (Saturday 6th: 8pm) is taking most of my energies, with writing, doing¬†interviews, and recordings. But I did manage to get my hands on the French edition of ‘London Orbital’. It’s a handsome production, with elegant graphics and a fold-out M25 map. I’m very pleased with the look of it.¬†(And the translation and footnotes strike me as sensitive and accurate.)

The ‘Toward Re-Enchantment’ collection, made by Gareth Evans and Di Robson, has just arrived. I’ll be taking part in a launch event at the London Review Bookshop on 10th November. Again, this is a beautifully¬†produced book. With essays from Richard Mabey, Robert Macfarlane, Ken Worpole, Kathleen Jamie, among others.

Iain Sinclair

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