The Gold Machine: Iain Sinclair in conversation

The Gold Machine: Iain Sinclair in conversation

Iain Sinclair & Gareth Evans: The Gold Machine – a recording

Towards the end of the 19th century Iain Sinclair’s great-grandfather Arthur made an accident-prone and largely disastrous colonial expedition to Peru. In his latest book, accompanied by his daughter, Iain Sinclair abandons his familiar London territory to follow in his ancestor’s footsteps, perhaps also hoping to eclipse his shadow. What he finds makes harrowing but essential reading in a story of exploitation, colonialism and environmental devastation. Sinclair was in conversation about his journey with Gareth Evans, curator of film at the Whitechapel Gallery.

Fever Hammers

Fever Hammers is now up online.

Collects Fever Hammer Red, Fever Hammer Yellow (previously printed in the Earthbound Poetry Series, and Fever Hammer Blue; each comprising five texts in verse and prose.

“Bad News” from the LRB archives (12/1990)

The London Review of Books has republished several articles including one by Iain:

For the next fortnight, in place of Paper Cuts, we’ll be sharing 26 Pieces for COP26: writing about waterairfire and earth from the LRB archive. As well as Iain Sinclair’s piece, which we’ll keep in front of the paywall for the duration of the conference, today’s collection includes:

Link to the Iain’s article:

A review of The Gold Machine, transcription of a Zoom talk and an article on the Observer by Tim Adams

Andy Wilson has combined a review of The Gold Machine with a transcription of my Zoom talk to the Blake Society.

Tim Adams, in yesterday’s Observer, linked the 20-year-old publication of London Orbital with recent ‘loft insulation’ protesters super-glueing their hands to the M25 motorway.