A long overdue update on coming books, movies and more by Iain and his friends (The Gold Machine and more). Read on!

This website has been silent for a long time, so much has happened in the meantime.

Iain would like to send out a broadcast to all people who are interested in his work.

There is a lot in the making.

The Gold Machine, Iain’s new book, is due on September 2nd

Small picture of Iain’s new book front page: The Gold Machine

A movie by the same title is being made by Grant Gee – to be launched in September too.

Farne Sinclair, Iain’s daughter, is working on an 8 part podcast.

A chapbook by Kevin Ring has just been published: THE GOLD MACHINE BEATS: A JUNGLE DEATH PHOTO ALBUM, an edition of 125 copies.

No direct link available, but go to this page and scroll down, you’ll find it.







Directly from Iain:

Tangerine Press will publish a prose-poetry collection, Fifty Catacomb Saints, later this year. With illustrations by Dave McKean

(I couldn’t find anything on it, leave a note in comment if you have any additional information)

There is more in the work, including events, other movies and more.

Stay tuned.


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