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  • Back Garden Poems’, poetry, 1970
  • The Kodak Mantra Diaries: Allen Ginsberg in London, 1971
  • Muscat’s Wurm, poetry, 1972
  • The Birth Rug, poetry, 1973
  • Lud Heat, poetry, 1975
  • Suicide Bridge, poetry, 1979
  • Flesh Eggs and Scalp Metal: Selected Poems 1970-1987, poetry, 1987
  • White Chappell, Scarlet Tracings, fiction, 1987 (originally a limited edition from Goldmark but reprinted by Paladin)
  • Downriver, novel, 1991
  • Jack Elam’s Other Eye, poetry, 1991
  • Radon Daughters, novel, 1994
  • Conductors of Chaos: a Poetry Anthology, editor 1996
  • The Ebbing of the Kraft, poetry, 1997
  • Lights out for the Territory, non-fiction, 1997
  • Slow Chocolate Autopsy, fiction, 1997
  • Crash, essay, 1999
  • Liquid City, non-fiction, 1999 (with Marc Atkins)
  • Rodinsky’s Room, non-fiction, 1999 (with Rachel Lichtenstein)
  • Sorry Meniscus, essay, 1999
  • Landor’s Tower, novel, 2001
  • London Orbital, non-fiction, 2002 (paperback edition 2003)
  • White Goods, poems, essays, fictions, 2002
  • Saddling The Rabbit, poetry, 2002 Etruscan Books
  • The Verbals, in conversation with Kevin Jackson, 2003 Worple Press
  • Dining on Stones, novel, 2004
  • Edge of the Orison: In the Traces of John Clare’s ‘Journey Out Of Essex’, non-fiction, 2005
  • The Firewall (Selected Poems 1979 – 2006), poetry, etruscan books, paperback, 2006
  • Buried At Sea, World Press, paperback, 2006
  • London: City of Disappearances, editor, various essays about London psychogeography etc, 2006[2]
  • Hackney, That Rose-Red Empire, published by Hamish Hamilton in February 2009
  • “Sickening”, in Restless Cities, Edited by M. Beaumont and G. Dart, London: Verso, 2010. 257-276.
  • Postcards from the 7th floor, with Oona Grimes, published by Pighog Press, October 2010
  • Primal Screen, introductory essay part of an illustrated booklet contained in the DVD “Primitive London”, BFI, ISBN/EAN: 5035673008393, 25/05/2009 [see also in Articles]
  • Blake’s London: the Topographic Sublime, published by The Swedenborg Society, London, 2011, ISBN: 978-0-85448-170-5, cased volume.
  • Lud Heat, published by Skylight Press, 2012, 140 pages, ISBN: 978-1-908011-60-2.
  • The Art of Dissent: Adventures in London’s Olympic State,ISBN is 978-0-9572943-0-1. Iain’s contribution in The Art of Dissent: Adventures in London’s Olympic State is an excerpt from his recent Ghost Milk.  Accompanied by an image of Mike Wells’s 2007 “Good Bye and Good Luck”  of an eviction notice lashed to a pole in close-up with a fluorescent pink farewell in the back ground.
  • SEVERAL CLOUDS COLLIDING by Iain Sinclair & Brian Catling, published by Book Works & The Swedenborg Archive, ISBN: 978 190601241, Date of publication: July 2012
  • Austerlitz & After: Tracking Sebald, 300 copies, an unused, adapted section from Iain’s forthcoming book American Smoke, 2013, Test Centre
  • Objects of Obscure Desire (with drawings by Sarah Simblet), published by Goldmark, 2013
  • Suicide Bridge (new stand-alone edition), published by Skylight Press, 2013





  • ‘Andrew Norton’ (a character from ‘Dining on Stones’, ‘Slow Chocolate Autopsy’) has a cameo in Alan Moore’s ‘The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ (Century:1910), Topshelf Comix.
  • As a comic-strip character, Iain previously appeared as ‘Taffy Sinclair’ in Michael Moorcock’s Multiverse. DC Comics. 1-12. Sidekick (Dr Watson part) to Sir Seaton Begg.

LPs and CDs

  • Search & Disobey, Released in 1995. This album was apparently released in 1995 on Kennel Club with selected issues of PURR magazine in the UK and was limited to 1,500 copies. The tracks are nearly all live, including the Band of Susans track “Mood Swing,” which was recorded at Disobey in New York City January 20, 1995. This was released as two 10″ singles in one package. Contains a reading by Iain Sinclair, recorded at Disobey at the Bridewell Theatre, London on July 15th 1994, written by Iain SInclair. Some info HERE,  HERE and HERE.  In Iain’s words: “I have been on vinyl before, as I have just discovered when excavating my cave. SEARCH & DISOBEY. Presented by Purr Magazine & Blast First. Directed & compiled by Cathi Unsworth & Simon Harwood. (c.1995).  Sonic Youth, Iggy Pop. Band of Susans, Caspar Brotzmann Massaker, Stewart Home, myself, Robin Cook.  (I believe there are still copies out there.)“. Avaliable on Amazon
  • Stone Tape Shuffle  In March 2012. Test Centre released Stone Tape Shuffle, a 12” LP by Iain Sinclair, in an edition of 400 vinyl copies of which 26 will be a special edition. The record consists of readings from Lud HeatSuicide BridgeDownriver and White Chappell Scarlet Tracings, and was recorded in situ on a day-long tour of East London and the City. Edited by sound artist Dan Scott, the readings were combined with field recordings and echoes of the past from Iain’s archive.

Limited and special editions

  • American Smoke, November 2010, Published in an edition of 125 signed and numbered copies, The Beat Scene Press. (An extract of the at-the-time-yet-unpublished “Ghost Milk”)
  • KITKITDIZZE: MEETING GARY SNYDER, January 2013, Published by Beat Scene. An edition of 125 signed and numbered copies.
  • Cowboy / Deleted File, Published by Test Centre. 100 copies. SKU: TC-PUB-005


  • The Clock, by Chris Petit & Iain Sinclair, Published by Test Centre, 99 copies. SKU: TC-PUB-007.



Exclusive for this website:


Videos, Documentaries, Movies, Voiceovers, etc..

  • Edgelands, on Vimeo: Synopsis: The idea behind the short documentary Edgeland was to draw attention to the destruction of land, common land, allotments and football pitches in order to make way for the 2012 Olympics. The interviewees point out that the land was not unused, but provided an alternative space -both within and separate- from the city.Directors: Sally Mumby-Croft and Xavier Zapata