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‘The touch of Hackney gravity was countered, or flattered perhaps, by expeditions, outings, tramps to the west . . . West was a necessary otherness, never, quite, an aspiration . . . Westering took its place in the scheme of things as another managed neurosis. Nothing in London would move forward without it.’

Westering is a text compiled from notes and diary jottings of time spent in the West Country in the 1970s. Like RED EYE, published by Test Centre in 2013, it is material gleaned from the archive. The fragments of Westering are part of a larger unpublished collection of writings from the time. They include the poem ‘Tides of the Rat’, Sinclair’s day-to-day journal at the period of composition of the essay material in Lud Heat (1975), put together while staying in Golden Cap, Dorset. The text also contains an introductory note by Chris Torrance.

£10 | £20 + p&p. 225mm x 170mm. 24pp. including 6 images from Sinclair’s archive.
3 folded 8-page signatures, stapled, with additional bookmark, only available with this edition.
Risograph printed in blue ink.
Published in a limited edition of 150 copies, of which 26 are signed, numbered, and contain additional holograph material.
Designed and printed by Traven T. Croves.
The same 3 signatures will also appear as pages 65–88 in the journal Bricks from the Kiln #1, due to be published in December 2015.

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