Running and academia: the intellectual aspect of pounding the pavements

I found this article on The Guardian.

Running has become socio-cosmic,” anthropologist Allen Abramson announces to his attentive audience, a group of artists, academics, writers and, collectively, runners, gathered at the Slade School of Fine Art in London.

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An interesting albeit unheard of (at least by me) meeting of academia and running. incidentally it mentions Iain Sinclair:

“Some of the work being produced by artists and academics with and through their running throws a new light on the wider cultural, perhaps even political, implications of running. Véronique Chance’s wonderful Great Orbital Run, a nine-day, 150-mile run around London, is not only an endurance event mapped on to a 10x10ft wall hanging, but also a commentary on the status of negotiating a global city, with its uncharted waste grounds, traffic problems, pollution and hidden beauty. It is every bit as provocative and insightful as Iain Sinclair’s London Orbital.”



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American Smoke review in The Guardian

is a review on Iain Sinclair‘s latest work American Smoke – by Sukhdev Sandhu

Iain Sinclair’s 70×70 in The Guardian

iain sinclair“Writer and King of London psychogeography” Iain Sinclair talks about the 70×70 initiative in The Guardian website. Click here to read the full text.

Tracking Sebald in The Guardian

Iain Sinclair‘s new release Austerlitz & After – Tracking Sebald is discussed in The Guardian website by Robert McCrum. It is a very interesting article which also recollects WG Sebald’s “potent legacy”.  Here is the link to read it.

The Olympic Park – review, by Rowan Moore on The Guardian

An article on the Olympic park by Rowan Moore on The Guardian 20/05/2012. There is mention of Iain and an article by Robert McFarlane about Ghost milk is linked.