Latitude Festival 2012

“The Film & Music Arena presents a mix of film screenings and a collection of multi-media live music performances [including] Iain Sinclair’s An English Journey Reimagined, an intoxicating mix of film, music, performance and spoken word inspired by
riestley’s 1930’s book An English Journey. Ian will be joined by legendary English folk singer Shirley Collins and Watchmen author Alan Moore.”

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English Journey: Re-Imagined at the Barbican

Updated 23/10/2011

A podcast of the event is now available here.

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At the Barbican on 22/10/2011

Feat. Iain Sinclair, Alan Moore, Shirley Collins & more

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A 21st century happening inspired by JB Priestley’s survey of a troubled 1930s England.

Readings, performance, music and film intersect, complement and argue, including highlights from sold out events at Aldeburgh Music & AV Festival in Newcastle, plus a new London-centric summoning under the influence of Sinclair‘s latest book Ghost Milk, featuring the Lea Valley area and the Olympics as well as the Barbican itself. 

Graham Dolphin

‘s mutating video backdrops, glimpses from the corner of the eye. Shirley Collins (folk music historian, silenced angel singer) reads John Clare. Found sounds & lost souls. Straw bears & sunken villages. Stones vs bricks. Flutes and strings and Border pipes. Hurdy-gurdy heavy metal. Beware the Morris man’s stare!Moore‘s third mind dialogues at the conjugation of two epic paintings by J.W. Turner & John MartinTom Picard, lost poet of the Borders cuts up Get Carter and a Viking funeral. Sinclair’s latest alchemical stewings, East London’s “gonzo Samuel Pepys” has things to tell you that others would sooner you didn’t hear… Calling Time on the Grand Project!

Readings by Iain SinclairAlan MooreTom PicardShirley Collins

Music by FM EinheitSusan StengerSimon Fisher-Turner,Andy MaySteve Tyler

Video Projections by Graham DolphinSusan StengerFM Einheit