“Travellers should look for the man at Panopolis”

The last word & testament of CHRIS PETIT, ‘Coming Down In Berlin’, will be available ONLY at London City Airport on Sunday May 21 between 12:30 and 15:30.
Travellers should look for the man at Panopolis with a copy of Roger Gilbert-Lecomte’s The Book Is A Ghost, and approach him with a request for ‘End Times Healing’.

The cassette is a numbered edition of eight. Any remaining unsold at 15:30 will be destroyed. £5 each.

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“70×70 – Unlicensed Preaching: A Life Unpacked In 70 Films” now available for pre-order

Allow me to write a short note:

This is a great book which is also a reference book with information about the 70 movies, the locations, the events, the story behind the 70×70 event and a London that has already disappeared in less than 2 years.

A beautiful book outside and inside, the product of a love and a dedication that is beyond financial gain, and idea that is so foreign these days.

A true must-have for anyone involved in anyway with Iain Sinclair, movies, London and books.

PS: feel free to post (no registration required) a comment about the book if you’d like.


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Iain Sinclair
70×70 – Unlicensed Preaching: A Life Unpacked In 70 Films

Published 23 October 2014
RRP £25
ISBN: 9780992643454

Published by King Mob
in association with Volcano Publishing and Purge
Distributed by Central Books

On turning 70 years old on 11th June 2013, Iain Sinclair – writer, filmmaker, poet, walker, perpetual seeker of the perimeter and reluctant magus of the media school of psycho-geography – found it hard to resist the offer of the opportunity to make his choice of 70 films that related to, and are oft interwoven across his entire writing career. This was a chance to have these films shown in a variety of venues and resonant locations across London – a city Sinclair has made his own, a city he has (re)defined.
This book features both Sinclair’s explanation of the films chosen and their relationship to his novels and his life along with the resultant forensic documentation of this epic curatorial journey – film as mirrors, film as portals, film mutated through radio waves – additions to the teeming city ghost voices, film as a journey to no fixed abode.
Sinclair spoke at many of the events, a constant updating and realigning, placing his choices in the here and now and soon to come. Predicting, proposing, provoking. He was aided and abetted by old friends, fellow writer Alan Moore, film-making co-conspiriators Andrew Kötting (Swandown) and Chris Petit (London Orbital), along with film academics Colin MacCabe and Gareth Evans and other manifestations from his fictional/factional role call. All seventy of the events were documented and these words and images now form an impressionistic memento of Iain Sinclair’s 70×70 year, a defining corollary to this writer’s extraordinary life.

Pre-order to buy the book at a reduced price, with the inclusion of a unique 7-frame strip of film of Iain Sinclair on his 70th birthday, shot by Stanley Schtinter & Susu Laroche .

The books will be mailed to you in early October.

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