By Our Selves kickstarter – update nr. 2 – Alan Moore

Check out Alan Moore’s plea in support of the kickstarter campaign for the John Clare movie – By Our Selves.

Besides shooting this (short) message, Alan has also offered several rare books and comics, authored by him and others, as rewards.


Click here for the kickstarter page

Notes from location: nr. 01

We have received a note from Iain sent from location while shooting the new movie – and did I mention that you could contribute to making this movie happen by taking part to the kickstarter campaign?

“Amazed to discover character of ‘Norton’ on the cover of the latest gathering of ‘The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’, while visiting Northampton, where the magus Moore delivered a spellbinding account of the town’s relationship to John Clare (and the ultimate black hole).

Norton, looking more than ever like a Nazi dentist, is on rear cover, next to the spine.”
— Iain Sinclair