Interview: ‘A Living Memory’: Iain Sinclair On Life At 70

Today the Google Search fishing net returned this catch, an interview with Iain by Tim Burrows  “ahead of his 70×70 Finale”.

Read it clicking on Stanley Schtinter’s photo, reproduced without permission (hope you don’t mind Stan!)







Is This London? Interview with Iain Sinclair

From Colin Marshall’s blog

A link to the mp3:

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Iain Sinclair on walking, markets and his impossible challenge, on The Telegraph

Long-term East London resident Iain Sinclair talks to Jessica Salter about life in Hackney, book dealing, and waiting for his great-grandfather’s missing camera.

Read the article:

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Here is a link to an article published in Mexico City…

Iain Sinclair y el Londres visionario de William Blake

La ciudad de Dickens, de Arthur Machen y Jack el Destripador es una presencia ambivalente, orientada por igual a lo luminoso y a lo abismal, dice el escritor galés en esta entrevista exclusiva que acompañamos con un fragmento de su libro más reciente.

Link to full article

Iain interview on Il Manifesto

The italian newspaper Il Manifesto has interviewed Iain in relation to the recent incidents in the UK. It appeared on August the 10th on page 2 and 3 of the newspaper.