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In many ways this was the easiest ‘sell’ of the group. The book of the same title, written in parallel with the film, could be described in a single sentence: ‘A walk around London’s orbital motorway.’ London Orbital was the only one released (by Illuminations) as a DVD. It offered itself to academic usage and it fitted quite comfortably within the emerging discipline (or brand) of psychography. The narrative was about endless, the slow-cinema of pedestrianism, noticing everything, and the reverie and drift of driving without stopping.  The only exits being into 19th-century fantasy and horror.  The two Thames crossings, east and west, had their pull: Bram Stoker in Purfleet and JG Ballard in Shepperton. The DVD as a package had several advantages, as Chris Petit pointed out. One of the extra features covered the A13 exhibition at the Wapping Pumping Station – and exhibits that linked exploration of the Thames Estuary, its container dumps and landfill, with my great-grandfather’s surveys of an Amazonian tributary. It’s obvious now that my recent book, The Gold Machine, was germinating, like everything else, around the fringes of London. As I state in the book: “The jungle begins in London.”

Secrets of the city on YouTube

Iain and John Rogers walk through the City to discover some secrets


Laura Grace Ford Presents: An Act of Unforgetting + Q&A

As part of Open City Documentary Festival this year, we have an event with artist and psychogeographer Laura Grace Ford. She’s curating a screening of archival television documentaries from the early 90s, exploring the poll tax riots, housing, architecture and the politics of the time. One of these will be an episode from the series ‘Summer on the Estate’, set on the old Kingsland estate, whilst the other is “The Battle of Trafalgar’ which looks at London more generally. 
Her work is really interesting, and she’ll be present to introduce and discuss the work she’s chosen, placing it within an idea of these films being “catalysts for new social imaginaries.” I thought this event might be of interest to you, considering that Iain Sinclair reviewed Laura’s book Savage Messiah for the Guardian back in 2011, and they’ve worked together on projects also.
At @OpenCityDocs 2019, artist and writer Laura Grace Ford (@LauraOF) will host ‘An Act of Unforgetting’: a programme of archival TV documentaries centred around social and political upheaval in London during the summer of 1990:

Fascicle IV of Jeff Johnson’s The Works of Iain Sinclair: A Descriptive Bibliography and Biographical Chronology, covering the years 1988 to 1998, is now ready to order

Jeff Johnson is working on the most comprehensive Iain Sinclair’s Bibliography, which is being published in installments

Fascicle IV of Jeff Johnson’s The Works of Iain Sinclair: A Descriptive Bibliography and Biographical Chronology, covering the years 1988 to 1998, is now ready to order. 

Continuing directly on from Fascicles I-III (published last year), this volume covers Sinclair’s entry into the mainstream following the success of White Chappell, Scarlet Tracings. It ends in the aftermath of his first major bestseller, Lights Out for the Territory

It’s a transitory, patience-trying period of false starts, beginning with an aborted attempt to launch a Spitalfields documentary, serving as a metaphor for the next decade with many meetings, proposals, pitches, forays, and experiments leading into cul-de-sacs.

The few major publications, usually novels, that take physical form have a long gestation period, full of difficulties. An editorial role, a possible way to bring Revival poetry to a larger audience, proves to be as frustrating as the authorial one. Journalism (TV, radio, and print) proves to be the quickest way to get the work ‘out there’ and, unexpectedly, paves the way to mainstream success and the end of bookdealing as the scholarly autopsies begin.

This fascicle, pleasingly, ends with the broadcast of a twice-thwarted Spitalfields documentary and the presaging of several publications in the coming year.

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“London Overground” is now available on YouTube

John Rogers has put up LONDON OVERGROUND on YouTube.