A review of The Gold Machine, transcription of a Zoom talk and an article on the Observer by Tim Adams

Andy Wilson has combined a review of The Gold Machine with a transcription of my Zoom talk to the Blake Society.


Tim Adams, in yesterday’s Observer, linked the 20-year-old publication of London Orbital with recent ‘loft insulation’ protesters super-glueing their hands to the M25 motorway.


Interview with Boogaloo Radio

A Bookworm Diary with Emily Jarman interviews Iain

Farne Sinclair’s podcast “In Tropical Lands”

Farne Sinclair, Iain’s daughter, has started a podcast titled “In Tropical Lands”. In her own words:

I have always been haunted by my great great grandfather Arthur Sinclair. These podcasts are the story of a journey to the Peruvian Amazon with my father, retracing Arthur’s steps and his expedition of 1891. This journey inspired Iain Sinclair’s book, “The Gold Machine” and Grant Gee’s film of the same name. These are the conversations we had along the way, with each other and those we met, as we discovered the forgotten legacy of the British Peruvian Corporation, and heard first hand from the Asheninka tribes who live there still.


Link to the podcast:



Zoom talk for the Blake Society on Wednesday 15 September 2021 at 20.00

Blake’s Mental Traveller and The Gold Machine.
An improvised talk about how a Blake poem, retrieved from his notebooks, fair-copied and preserved in the ‘Pickering Manuscript’, became the road map and model for a lifetime of journeys and pilgrimage quests. ‘The Mental Traveller’, first encountered as a schoolboy, was an awakening, a mesmerising rhythmic cycle to be experienced but not yet understood. The poem returned at various points in the years that followed. Until it was acknowledged as the secret code for The Gold Machine, a late-life expedition to one of the sources of the Amazon, undertaken in company with my daughter, and in the footsteps of my great-grandfather, who published an account of his adventure in 1895.

The World’s End – walking with Iain Sinclair in Tilbury – by John Rogers

John Rogers has posted one of his filmic rambles, in which we struck out from Tilbury, in the direction of Stanford-le-Hope (once the home of Joseph Conrad). We discussed the germination of The Gold Machine and the start of my London adventures, from the same spot, many years ago, with Downriver. John works wonders in finessing a random walk into a form of topographic coherence in just seven days (in whatever time he manages to salvage from the day job).