London Seizure Part 2: Extension of the Zone of Operation


Emily Richardson’s Memo Mori

We want to recommend an interesting event which will be surely much appreciated by Iain Sinclair fans, but also by people who are interested in topics discussed by Iain in his books.

On Sunday, 30th June (6-9pm), during London Seizure Part 2: Extension of the Zone of Operation, a two-part screening programme in London, Emily Richardson‘s Memo Mori will be shown and discussed. Memo Mori, for those who have never heard about it, is a 24-minute film – a “journey through Hackney” which features a commentary from Iain Sinclair‘s Hackney, That Red Rose Empire. After the screening, there shall be a Q&A with the curator and the participating artists.

For more information, and to know the complete screening schedule, you can also visit the Facebook Page.

The programme is curated by Carmen Billows. The event will take place in Unit 4, White Post Lane, Queens Yard, London E9 5EN (07531 574666)

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