The Overground walk

“These are Andrew Kötting pictures from our walk around the Overground railway, with one image for each hour. Actually, the walk took 14 Hours (9.30am – 11.30pm): with stops for coffee, lunch sandwich, evening pint. So it worked out as a close equivalent for the Kötting family swim across the English Channel (which I accompanied). And which became the film, ‘Offshore Gallivant’. It did feel like a slow swim around the folds of London. Using one arm only, so that we swam in circles.”

“Haggeston to Haggerston, by way of Clapham Junction, Willesden, Gospel Oak, Camden Road and all.”

Iain Sinclair

Pictures by Andrew Kötting

Overground Map

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2 comments to The Overground walk

  • Enjoyed London Orbital, read twice (second time easier) – centrifugal/petal momentum or just in the spirit of exorcism (Dome /O2 / Greenwich Arena / future Heritage Centre) and Companion of Honoured Hackney Marshes.

    So, now trying to write my own survey. In my own voice, rest assured!

  • Ha! I had the same idea but you beat me to it. Again. Overground safari indeed: coming full circle, London keeps turning. Orbital perambulation for the Ginger Line nation. More power to your Overground elbow.

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