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“An event in advance of ‘Howl’, a bio-pic on Allen Ginsberg”

On Feb 2. At 8pm. At the Poetry Library on the South Bank. An event in advance of ‘Howl’, a bio-pic on Allen Ginsberg. With contributions from Mark Ford, Jack Underwood, Steven Fowler and myself. I may include a clip of ‘Ah! Sunflower’.



Admission free but space is limited, so arrive early to avoid disappointment.

To guarantee a place email specialedition@poetrylibrary.org.uk

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Comments to: “An event in advance of ‘Howl’, a bio-pic on Allen Ginsberg”
  • 05/03/2011

    Loved your piece on bicycles in the London Review. However, when you ride a bike you are pedaling, not peddling: peddling is selling stuff door to door or in the street

    Patrick Watson

  • 09/04/2011

    I came across the following passage re-reading a book I had read a great many years ago:

    “Peddling rapidly, the final image of the Great C extension and the hunter still strong in his mind, Pete guided his bicycle along the curving way that led among stone hills”

    Looks like this famous sci-fi writers (one of the greatest, if not the greatest ever) also used peddling in that sense.

    Let’s see if anyone knows which book is this passage from and who the writer is..


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