08/08/2011 thoughts from the frontline

received on 08/08/2011

“street riots in Hackney (Mare St). I can hear the helicopters and police sirens. Looks like p.118 of ‘Ghost Milk’ was on the money. Images already running on YouTube. As William Gibson says, Twitter is the most accurate form of reportage here. A Twitter gathering, street news circulating faster than police information. Riot impressionism proving quite addictive in this quiet month when the political classes have decamped to Tuscany…”

American Smoke: Road Talk (photos by Iain Sinclair)


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How William Gibson discovered Iain Sinclair

“John Clute looked out his window on Camden High Street: ‘There goes Iain Sinclair. Must be on his way to Compendium. Book dealer. He’s written a book length poem. Here, read it on the train to Oxford.’ Thus literally did it begin.”

William Gibson