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Raw Dives – Iain Sinclair & Stanley Schtinter – 19th January 2014

In The Shadow of The Olympics

‘In The Shadow of The Olympics’ is a radio documentary that contemplates the current and gradual gentrification of the unique area that is Hackney Wick.

At the eve of Hackney Wicked Festival 2011, I spent several weeks photographing a place that I love that is changing in an attempt to encapsulate the stage of it’s history that I have been involved with. I interviewed generations of artist and business residents about their thoughts of an area they had either themselves helped to re develop or had chosen to live and work. My conversations with the programme contributors questioned the future of a place that was initially known for it’s geographic isolation and poverty. Progressing, historically The Wick became a highly successful area of industry, before strength was drained as economic changes forced highly prolific factories into closure. Empty factories became an opportunity for occupation by artists out of necessity rather than design, and now The Wick’s latest incarnation has seen an influx of creative people move there to become part of a regenerated scene. In turn rent has dramatically risen and property developers have followed closely behind.

Hackney Wick is a fascinating story that gained an even stranger chapter with the arrival of the Olympic Village on it’s doorstep, a major part of which is it’s huge, callous shopping complex. Having the romantic attachment I feel for an area that suddenly seemed under threat, I asked the program contributors for predictions of the future of the area, then of London itself, and even of what it is to be an artist. Has the role of an artist itself gentrified within the consumerist age?

‘In The Shadow of The Olympics’ includes interviews with topographers Nick Papadimitriou and John Rogers and the author Iain Sinclair

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Test Centre on Resonance tonight 7/6/2012

Tonight on Test Centre radio we will be joined by sound artist Dan Scott, editor of Iain Sinclair’s LP Stone Tape Shuffle, in a discussion of field recordings. There will also be an interview with artist and writer Brian Catling about his book The Stumbling Block Its Index.


Iain Sinclair and Stewart Home on Resonance FM Thu 31/05/2012 at 19.00

Dear all,

Listen in to Test Centre radio this Thursday (Resonance FM, 7pm) to hear Iain Sinclair and Stewart Home talk about King Mob, the label which released CDs by them in the 1990s. We will also be joined by King Mob founder Paul Smith for what promises to be an interesting discussion.



Daily subversions interview to Iain

Listen to Dr. Amber Jacobs of Birkbeck College interview to Iain which was broadcast  on Resonance FM 104.4FM friday June 3rd at 11.30am and repeated  on wednesday June 8th at 5pm.

Available online on http://dailysubversions.blogspot.com/. Click here to listen to it.

Iain’s section starts at 20min 40secs.