Stone Tape Shuffle: Iain on vinyl

Test Centre have begun taking pre-orders for Iain’s LP Stone Tape Shuffle, available as a vinyl-only edition of 400, 26 of which form a special edition. Copies can be purchased via


Featuring readings from some of Iain’s best poetry and fiction – Lud Heat, Suicide Bridge, White Chappell Scarlet Tracings, and Dowrniver – the album was recorded in situ at locations featured in the books. They have been edited together with field recordings and material from Iain’s archives, including a lost tape concerning Lud Heat and the launch of White Chappell Scarlet Tracings. The sleeve is handsomely illustrated with a selection of new photos, taken on the day of recording across East London and the City, plus photos from Iain’s collection spanning his career. Iain has also provided a new text for the sleeve notes.


Taking its inspiration from Giorno Poetry Systems, the records and recordings of William S. Burroughs, and the French tradition of spoken word, Stone Tape Shuffle marks the first part in a series of LPs from Test Centre, with records to follow from Chris Petit, Stewart Home, Tom McCarthy, and more.


Iain comments: ‘The invitation to time-travel through heavily compromised terrain was very attractive to me. The form of the LP worked as a goad, stimulating a search through boxes of lost recordings and never-sampled cassettes.’

Collaborative performance by Iain Sinclair and Bill Parry-Davies (video)

“A collaborative performance by the author Iain Sinclair reading from his latest work ‘Ghost Milk’ and his friend the solicitor / musician Bill Parry-Davies. This rousing performance is illustrated with photographs and video by Mike Wells and Sasha Andrews. It was created to highlight the existance of radioactive contamination on the London 2012 Olympic site.”


Reading at Riverlee Books, Waltham Abbey on Wednesday 13th July at 6pm

Iain will be at Riverlee Books, 24 Highbridge Street, Waltham Abbey, Essex EN9 1BS on Wednesday 13th July at 6pm for a reading.

For  more information email Michael: riverleebooks (at)


The poetry reading, ‘Hastings – Hackney’, at the Last Tuesday Society on Mare Street, passed off quite successfully

The poetry reading, ‘Hastings – Hackney’, at the Last Tuesday Society on Mare Street, passed off quite successfully. A tight space, packed close, seemed tighter still, as fake walls had been build over the originals as part of an art installation. Like being inside a Pit & Pendulum tale. Lubrication was provided by tea cups of complimentary Henricks Gin with cucumber slices. The poets, as always, sailed far beyond their allotted 15-minute slots. Films, shown as inserts, can’t be rushed. They take the time they take. The affair was like a well-intended seance between ghosts from the past (now struck dumb) and contemporaries who had wandered in from the street. Some accosted me at the door, to hand over sheets of information about projects in hand; they departed before the reading began, explaining how tired they felt after a day’s hard art.


Kingston Readers Festival

Kingston Readers Festival

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Date: Thursday 6 May, 1pm
Venue: Kingston Museum
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