Iain Sinclair on The Butcher’s Apron

Iain was interviewed by the The Butcher’s Apron Radio show (current episode).

The Butcher’s Apron is a a small local London radio show.

From the B’s A. mailing list:

“After a short rest, The Butchers are back with THE UNKNOWN, going live today on NTS Live between 4 and 5pm, tune in here (http://ntslive.co.uk/?author=129). If you miss it, there are tons of other ways to listen – subscribe to us on iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-butchers-apron/id543677983) or download this and past episodes from our website www.thebutchersapron.co.uk

For this, the 7th episode of The Butcher’s Apron, we step into the unknown
by exploring the mythical tale of The Moleman, we investigate a baffling
and debilitating new disease that has no explanation or cure, rounding up
as usual in the pub with our resident philosopher, Dr Daniel Barnes.

We would also like to take this opportunity to introduce a new member of
The Butcher’s team, our producer Alannah Chance. Alannah comes to us with
a wealth of good experience (BBC Radio 4, 6Music, Strongrooms, we could go
on), and has brought a level of radio craft to the show we never thought
achievable. TBA is set to get better and better, so stay tuned, and stay

As ever, TBA does not just want to make radio for you, we want to make it
with you too, so if you have a story to share, or if you know a person you
think we should meet, please please please get in touch at

Lots of love,

The Butchers”