Iain Sinclair on Barbican Centre’s podcast

“The idea of walking is subversive”. Here you can listen to Iain Sinclair’s latest podcast for the Barbican Centre, with David Lowery, Adam Sisman and Nick Duncalf.

Iain Sinclair SPL Podcast

iain sinclair by luca del baldo. Part of the Visonary Academy of ocular mentality

Iain Sinclair by Luca del Baldo

The Scottish Poetry Library website has uploaded a forty-minute podcast with Iain Sinclair. Click here to listen to it.

Guardian books podcast: Water words

Rachel Lichtenstein and Iain Sinclair talk about the sea in literature and reveal plans for the Shorelines festival.

Link:  http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/audio/2011/jul/15/books-podcast-water-iain-sinclair