Possibly on The Culture Show Best of the year on Fri 16/12/2011

I believe  that the Olympic site film I was involved with for BBC’s Culture Show is being included in their pick-of-the-year round-up at 7pm on Friday night (16th).

A little Olympic film for BBC2 Newsnight is supposed to go out tonight.

Then, with a year to go until the 2012 Olympics, Peter Marshall visits the Olympic Park in east London to find out if pledges that were made to win the event – including leaving behind a lasting physical legacy and inspiring two million people to take up sport and physical activity – will be fulfilled.

Author Iain Sinclair, who is sceptical about the London project, explains his feelings about London 2012, and we’ll be joined by the athlete-turned-ambassador who led London’s bid, Lord Coe, the Welsh athlete Baroness Grey-Thompson, and writer Will Self, who has described the Olympics as a “running and jumping festival”.




Interview on Start of the Week, BBC4

Iain was interviewed on Start of the Week BBC Radio 4’s ‘Start the Week’ programme, broadcast on June 13th, 2011.

An excerpt can be found on this website.

At the moment the entire programme is available on the BBC website here



On the Culture show, June 2nd (hopefully)

Iain has been filming an appearance on the Culture show (BBC). Broadcast date 02/06 at 1900.

Iain Sinclair on “Make Perhaps This Out Sense Of Can You”, BBC4 Radio

Iain appeared on “Make Perhaps This Out Sense Of Can You” on BBC4, a special feature dedicated to Bob Cobbing.

You can still (as of 27/03/11) listen to the radio programme on the BBC website