Melissa Wright talks to Iain Sinclair and Oona Grimes about their latest creative collaboration (from the Hackney Citizen)

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Postcards from the 7th floor
Writer Iain Sinclair and artist Oona Grimes talk about their latest creative collaboration

Towards Re-Enchantment: Place and its Meanings, at the LRB Bookshop

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“The Re-Enchantment is a national project by Artevents exploring our relationships with place, through art, live performance, film and writing. In Towards Re-Enchantment, eleven writers and poets each respond to a particular location within the UK and consider it in terms of its potential to ‘re-enchant’. Four contributors to the book will take part in this launch event: Jay Griffiths, author of Wild: An Elemental Journey, Jane Rendell, whose work spans feminist theory and architectural history, fine art and architectural design, and autobiographical writing and criticism, Iain Sinclair, documentary-novelist and East Londoner, and Ken Worpole, whose books include works on architecture, literature, landscape and social policy. Their readings on this evening will take us from Wales to coastal Essex via the Green Belt and inner city London, in celebration of the ‘spirit of place’.”

News from Iain

I’m collecting ‘Postcards from the 7th Floor’ soon. And will be offering 26 special copies, lettered & signed by myself & Oona Grimes, with additional material, for sale. As well as trade copies.

Kevin Ring, as you know, is publishing ‘American Smoke’, a revised extract from GHOST MILK.

And Mr Jones Watches are launching the Compass Road watch that I’ve designed.

I’ve written an introduction for ‘Scamp’ by Roland Camberton (aka Henry Cohen), which has just been reissued by New London Editions (PO Box 8786, Nottingham NG1 9AW). Along with ‘Rain on the Pavements’.

Meanwhile, I’m working with Barney Rowntree on a programme about weather for BBC Radio 4. And researching bicycles for the London Review of Books.


Landscaping: Artists, Maps and Britain – British Library Conference Centre

11th September 2010

14:30 – Andrew Kötting and Iain Sinclair: Swandown – Ordnance and Surveying
“Swandown will be a travelogue and odyssey. A poetic film-diary about landscape and
Culture, undertaken on board a plastic swan-shaped pedalo. In the summer of 2011, multi-talented, multi-platform artist and film-maker Kötting (Gallivant, Ivul) will pedal from Swan Lake in Hastings to the Angel Islington in London. The journey will take over a month; an unbroken 200 miles, into the English Channel and the very heart of London via Olympic Territory. In preparation, he will produce a map with the great writer on place Iain Sinclair, which plots the proposed route that the Swan might take through a series of walks. This map, designed by Julien Lesage, will be presented today in its first London showing.”


SWANDOWN at Coastal Currents Arts Festival

SWANDOWN: A plot by Andrew Kötting and Iain Sinclair
Thursday 9 September 6 – 8pm : Talks
Swandown is both travelogue and odyssey. For the last five or six years we have been formulating a plot to pedal a Swan shaped pedalo from Hastings to Hackney. As part of the research we have walked the entire route and wherever possible followed, rivers, canals, seas and channels. The talk is a work-in-progress and will be assisted by 7 Swandown Bookworks
containing maps, plots, evidence, postcards, correspondence and a website. The work might be seen as an endurance test or pedal-marathon undertaken in the spirit of Dada or the psychogeographical meander.
Venue may have to be changed in bad weather. Call Lorna 07975 872075 for details.
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