Belated 10th anniversary

I just realised that this website has been around for over 10 years, in fact it started in June 2008.

Happy 10th anniversary!

A huge thank you to Iain for letting me create this website and for feeding it with details about his work and his life.


Living with Buildings and Walking with Ghosts, a review

One of the advantages of working 12 hours a day is that one can miss almost anything else other than work.

For example the fact that Iain just published not one, but two new books!

I missed the opportunity to even announce these books post-publication.

Here is a review… “The Urban Wanderer” on a website subtitled “The Newspaper of Resistance”. 

A link:


Iain appointed as Distinguished Writer-in-Residence by The University of Surrey School of Literature and Languages

News of Iain being appointed as Distinguished Writer-in-Residence by the University of Surrey, School of Literature and Languages:\


A recording of “Tottering State” now available

There is a YouTube record of the ‘Tottering State’ readings at the Horse Hospital. A film made by Derek Smith. It seems, these days, that everything is recorded. Fallible memory records are going out of fashion.

Glastonbury William Blake Festival

Greetings from Glastonbury.
I thought it would be good to let Iain’s readers know about the upcoming Blake festival here.
Allen Ginsberg seems to want to make his presence known.
We have a musical evening on Aug 10th and discovered, after it was arranged, that it was on that very date, 50 yrs ago, that AG got a tune for the Grey Monk come into his head that he then performed just a few weeks later during the tumultuous Chicago Democratic Convention protests. It seemed obvious that it should be performed to Ginsberg’s tune this year. We are hoping to project some imagery from 1968 and hopefully begin with a few shots from Primrose Hill the previous year when Iain was present.