In conversation with Daniel Hahn, Brighton & Hove High School

23 ROOMS IN THE HOTEL BARDO partners with HOTEL to leak the literary evidence of Stanley Schtinter’s HOTEL BARDO (after Brion Gysin).
Read Schtinter’s introduction to the Bardo project alongside a cut-up by Iain Sinclair / Norton
?. . . and watch ‘Norton’s Cut-Up’ here?: (embed video?)

NORTON’S CUT-UP (2) from PURGE on Vimeo.


The way events are posted has changed


I have had to replace the Vent plugin (a workhorse of so many years), with a new plugin, something a lot nicer and with many more feature, and I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Modern Tribe for this awesome plugin.

You won’t find events advertised at the top of the blog roll with a red ribbon, but on the left side and you can also follow the “events” entry in the main menu.

As usual, feedback is welcome, either by email or by comment to this post.

And a Happy New Year to you all.



The Last London reviewed on The Washington Post

Under the title “Modern life, as seen by a writer without a smartphone”.

Because of the strongly English focus and the kaleidoscopic richness of its style, this isn’t a book you can race through. Instead you’ll want to take your time, look around and occasionally listen in on conversations, as you saunter along with Sinclair on these rambles into a strange and vanishing London.


A video of the of the conversation at Flowers Gallery with Nadav Kander and David Campany

A video of the event is now available:


Nadav Kander In Conversation with David Campany and Iain Sinclair from Flowers Gallery on Vimeo.