Into the Underworld. Iain Sinclair on the excavation of London. On the LRB

“My long essay on excavations in London has been published in the latest (Jan 22) issue of the London Review of Books. It has been put online, on their website.”

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Iain Sinclair’s 70×70 in The Guardian

iain sinclair“Writer and King of London psychogeography” Iain Sinclair talks about the 70×70 initiative in The Guardian website. Click here to read the full text.

Iain Sinclair in the Financial Times

Here you can find an article Iain has written for the Financial Times Magazine. The article is titled London & The World series. Iain Sinclair describes his favourite place in London: Brompton Cemetery.

Iain Sinclair on Objects of Obscure Desire

Iain Sinclair has kindly sent us a short, tongue-in-cheek piece about the puzzling mystery which lies behind the (non)publication of Objects of Obscure Desire. Follow the link below to read it.

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Leon Kossoff at Annely Juda

London Review of Books

London Review of Books

In the upcoming issue of the London Review of Books there is an article written by Iain Sinclair on the Leon Kossoff exhibition at Annely Juda Fine Art in London. The full text can be read here.