the endless tapes series features Iain

The mysterious Stanley Schtinter (I wonder if this is his real name), has released a “endless tape” by Iain Sinclair:
Endless Tape Series (2) – Acoustic Gleanings From The Overground by IAIN SINCLAIR

Iain on Radio 3 – ‘Freethinking’ – at 10pm on Tuesday June 23.

Unfortunately seen too late but it might still be available on BBC iPlayer:

There will be a reading from, and conversation about, ‘Black Apples of Gower’ on Radio 3 – ‘Freethinking’ – at 10pm on Tuesday June 23.



Does a walk free the mind?

Iain on BBC Radio 4 Today

Aside from the exercise, can walking help you to think clearly? There is no shortage of writers who have drawn inspiration from their daily stroll.

Claire Tomalin, biographer of keen walkers Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy, Samuel Pepys and Jane Austen, told Today: “I love walking. I find it absolutely thrilling to walk along the Thames where Pepys walked”.

“You see the sky and the river in the same way that your subject did”.

Iain Sinclair, an author and filmmaker who does the same walk every morning, said: “I walk for 40 minutes every morning before I start working, as a kind of mediation between the state of sleeping and the state of waking.”

First broadcast Today programme 16 January 2015.

Iain on “Ruin Lust”

Iain was invited on the BBC4 Front Row radio show to comment on  Ruin Lust, a new exhibition at Tate Britain.


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American Ground and Headlines live

Iain Sinclair reads his piece American Ground accompanied by Bill Parry-Davies on tenor saxophone


“Headlines” is a jazz poem by Iain Sinclair with music by Bill Parry-Davies recorded at Dalston’s Ridley Road Market Bar and at MM Music. Musicians are Bill Parry-Davies on tenor saxophone, Ali Friend on double bass and Miggy Barradas in drums. Re-mix by Guy Wood, MM Music