Iain’s interview in Chile (in Spanish)

The title could be misleading as the interview actually took place in Hackney, in Iain’s home and apparently, outside, it was snowing…


Interviews (Barcelona)

Iain’s visit to Barcelona back at the end of 2016 did not go unnoticed by local media.

A series of links to interviews to Iain:

Iain Sinclair: “El turismo de masas es un pecado capital”–2352752.html

Of Film and Smoke: An Interview with Iain by Paul McRandle on Rain Taxi

Source: Of Film and Smoke: An Interview with Iain Sinclair | Rain Taxi

“an accidental novel”: iain sinclair interviewed

by John Rogers



Iain on Thinking Allowed

Iain and Place-Hacking Hack-tivist Bradley L. Garrett talk about Breadley’s book, London, Place-Hacking and more in the BBC4 Radio Program Thinking Allowed.