Iain Sinclair reads from ‘I TRANSGRESS’ // Lima 27/06/19

Peru Podcasts

Iain is embarking on a new adventure with his daughter Farne.

You can read more here: https://www.gofundme.com/the-peru-podcasts and you also have a chance to support this new adventure. 

Iain wrote:

I’m also offering a signed copy of whatever book emerges for all contributors.


London, list of WIFI networks, circa 2012

I like to think of this screenshot from an old phone of mine as wifi-archeology

Belated 10th anniversary

I just realised that this website has been around for over 10 years, in fact it started in June 2008.

Happy 10th anniversary!

A huge thank you to Iain for letting me create this website and for feeding it with details about his work and his life.


Living with Buildings and Walking with Ghosts, a review

One of the advantages of working 12 hours a day is that one can miss almost anything else other than work.

For example the fact that Iain just published not one, but two new books!

I missed the opportunity to even announce these books post-publication.

Here is a review… “The Urban Wanderer” on a website subtitled “The Newspaper of Resistance”. 

A link: http://internationaltimes.it/the-urban-wanderer/