Iain Sinclair credit Belinda Lawley

Iain Sinclair

is a british writer, documentarist, film maker, poet, flaneur, metropolitan prophet and urban shaman, keeper of lost cultures and futurologist. His biography (until I can write one myself), can be found on wikipedia, or on this profile on the Guardian.

His literary agency is MBA

MBA Literary Agents Ltd.,
62 Grafton Way,
London WIT 5DW



Italian. Started the website in 2008 when he realized that Iain did not have one, after obtaining his permission. By trade he is a Unix system administrator.

daniele croci

Italian. Daniele has joined the website since April 2013. He has recently graduated from the University of Milan with a Master’s degree in linguistic and cultural mediation. His main academic interests are China and Chinese language, literature, graphic literature and films studies.

Ben & Daniele are currently working on a series of projects, both individually and together, including a new website to promote their activities and services. Stay tuned for news.
They are also available as consultants. Contact them on mail(at)iainsinclair(dot)org(dot)uk