Black Apple of Gower, Little Toller Books – out in July 2015

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An enigmatic series of paintings by Ceri Richards, based on the theme of the ‘Black Apple of Gower’, is the provocation for Iain Sinclair’s return to the landscape of his childhood and youth. Best-known for his journeys through London or circumnavigations of the M25, here we find him digging into memory files to realise that a series of walks over the same ground, Port Eynon Point to Worm’s Head, become bookmarks for the significant stages in his life. Recollections of a meeting with the poet of place, Vernon Watkins, focus attention on legends of the rocks. And on the mythology of the eternal return: the dead and the drowned as unfulfilled witnesses.Through expeditions over cliffs and elemental wave-cut pavements, Sinclair comes to realise that the defining quest is for access to the Paviland Cave, where the reverend William Buckland ‘discovered’ the bones of the Red Lady. Who, as it turned out, was no lady but a young man put to ground 36,000 years ago – the first recorded ritual burial in these islands. All the threads of the story knot within this potent and still mysterious cavern.IAIN SINCLAIR176 x 128mm hardback184 pages printed on Munken papersJacket illustration by Jonny HannahIllustrated throughoutISBN 978-1-908213-28-0Published July 2015

Source: Black Apples | Little Toller Books

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