Granta Presents: Will Self and Iain Sinclair on JG Ballard

25th November 2014, 7pm. Tickets £8 including a glass of wine.

Granta Presents: Will Self and Iain Sinclair on JG Ballard

To celebrate the launch of Granta 129: Fate two of Britain’s best contemporary writers will discuss the legacy of one of our most important post-war literary figures.

Will Self has described JG Ballard’s body of work as “the most significant single contribution to English literature in the past half-century”. In ‘Key Stroke’, published in the new issue of Granta, Self reimagines J.G Ballard’s last days, striking the keys of the same typewriter that once sat under Ballard’s fingers. We witness the impulses that ignite each sentence as the narrator wanders through the small London dormitory town of Shepperton, contemplating his life and the nature of art. Ballard has been resurrected, however briefly, in Self’s startling rendering of his consciousness.
Will Self is one of Britain’s best known and critically acclaimed writers. He is the author of five collections of shorter fiction, three novellas and five collections of non-fiction writing, and ten novels, including the Booker shortlisted Umbrella, and most recently Shark.

Iain Sinclair has been celebrated as one of Britain’s most visionary writers whose work has done much to popularise ideas of psychogeography in Britain. His book on David Cronenberg’s adaptation of Ballard’s Crash was hailed by John Gray in the New Statesman as “the most intelligent guide yet to Ballard’s work”. His works include the novels DownriverRadon Daughters and Landor’s Tower, and the nonfiction works London OrbitalGhost Milk and most recently American Smoke: Journeys to the End of the Light.

Will Self and Iain Sinclair will be introduced by Granta’s publisher and editor, Sigrid Rausing.


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