A poem dedicated to Iain

HARK new issue contains James Bruce May’s poem dedicated to Iain: “Oh Herons’ Wings”.




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  • Just want to pass on to Iain Sinclair the following: very significant thanks for ‘American Smoke’, which led me back to his special issue Beat scene 2006, then back to McClure ( I too loved ‘The Beard ‘and now have a new copy coming on the Amazon way)…..& Celine (I’m still shaking from the sustained wonder of his merciless Journey to the end of the night – such ruthless pessimism, and what more do we deserve?….I’ve come from the subfusc myself and know the self-disgust that won’t be washed clean ) & Lowry’s Volcano, and Walkow’s ‘Beat’ (still trying to hunt out Mamie van Doren in ‘The Beat Generation’ those tits, that cool?- not to mention ‘Humpday’- can that really be only 2009?). Can’t find ‘Nightmare Cemetery’ anywhere….I’ve long followed Mr Sinclair on his tracings of London….and just want to say…carry on! I’ll be there, staggering in his footsteps, and quite often keeping up with his quips
    I’m really hoping this somehow gets to his attention….because I’ve been working for almost a decade on the Beats (my ‘Birth of the Cool’ played Sydney Fest, then to the Edinburgh Fest 2005, then Rhurfest 2006, and Melbourne 2006). I’ve since been working on the Romantics – like him I see the connection between them (especially Ginsberg/Coleridge/Shelley)…I’m in London till Sept 6th, then back to Sydney – could we be put in touch before then? – I’d just like to meet and talk – it’s not a very active team sport, this Beat/Romantic thing…and I’d value an exchange…he can check me out on playingthepoet.com or birthofthecool (the latter site can jump the Miles Davis queue by adding Edinburgh Festival or my name)….This may never get back to him – but what the fuck, I’ve enjoyed this talking into space, and must say thank you again for leading me back through fadingly familiar research tracts – and educating me afresh on Laing & Olsen (&Camichael & Grogan, who I hadn’t considered before)…with great respect and wholly romantic expectations of response…John Turnbull (I am in EC4, so very handy)

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