Why I added an ad to this website.

Actually there are 2. There is one at the bottom, a thin line of text.

Nobody has ever seen it, since it has never made us any money.

This website is a not-for-profit operation, which I have run on my own since 2008 until recently, when Daniele joined the ranks.

Running this website doesn’t generate any money at all, but it costs some money for hosting and domain registration, plus a lot of work

This website is after all a work of love, and it was never intended to generate income or profits.

Recently, as some of you might know, we had to move from one cheaper hosting service to a more expensive one, courtesy of a bunch of BOTs.

Their activity creates (they are still very active) a huge load to the website while trying to break it or to exploit its weaknesses.

Besides spiking our hosting costs, we’ve also had to spend extra time investigating and fighting these attacks and then migrating the website etc.

To cut a long story short: it has become necessary to, at least, try to generate a small stream of revenues  to cover for the extra costs of hosting.

A slightly larger stream would allow me to compensate Daniele for his precious work.

And a even larger one, would allow me to hire someone to help with the look of the website.

But the is a a long shot, Google ads or not.

I feel uncomfortable having an ad on this website, because it’s a foreign object in this context.

Besides I don’t expect it to be  successful.

But I had to give it a try.

I hope you’ll understand


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