GOOGLEmeGOD by Chris Petit now available

GOOGLEmeGOD by Chris Petit

GOOGLEmeGOD by Chris Petit

GOOGLEmeGOD by Chris Petit is finally available on

From the Test Centre newsletter:

Filmmaker and writer Chris Petit returns to Test Centre with the new publication GOOGLEmeGOD. A development from Petit’s Museum of Loneliness pamphlets, GOOGLEmeGOD is the first printed output from that project to be generally available. The book collects writings resulting from travels in Johannesburg, Nuremberg, and the internet. Drawing from the exploded image bank, the Museum explores how ‘experience becomes its own form of curating drifted into cultural margins’. GOOGLEmeGOD engages with the meaning of the image and its relationship to text, urban space, memory and experience ‘to achieve a state between technology & dream’.

The book consists of 6 texts:

Games without frontiers; FRAGMENTS OF THE LOST CIVILISATION; GOOGLEmeGOD I & II; the open book; the museum of loneliness

Also featured is a list of found postcards sent to Miss E Bell Robinson (a name with resonance to Petit’s followers) accompanied by 4 colour images by Emma Matthews. GOOGLEmeGOD is further illustrated with 5 Museum of Loneliness collages, black and white text illustrations, and 2 text experiments. Frequently exercises in typography, the texts themselves are inseparable from the images.

The book is published in an edition of 300 stamped copies. 15 of these are numbered and signed with extra holographic material. ONLY ONE COPY LEFT.

Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered a copy. These have all been shipped today.

If you have not yet ordered your copy, you can order now here.

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