Sagesong by Iain Sinclair & Mike Egan

Von Zos
, an independent New York publisher of art, books and ephemera, is pleased to announce the publication of a very special collaboration between Iain Sinclair and Pittsburgh artist Mike Egan.

Comprised of a poem by Sinclair concerning the Lindisfarne Gospels, richly illustrated by Mike Egan, the release is an 18×24 fine art screenprint and is available in 3 different editions.

The Cuthbert Edition

5 pieces
Will include one signed print (by both Iain Sinclair & Mike Egan) and one of the original panels painted by Mike Egan for the print

The Eadfrith Edition
30 pieces
Comprised of a signed print (by both Iain Sinclair & Mike Egan)

The Billfrith Edition
40 pieces
Comprised of an unsigned print

It will go on sale on July 8th at at 3pm EST/8pm GMT

Mike Egan is a Pittsburgh based artist who has spent time working as an embalmer in funeral homes. His paintings are made using acrylic paint, shellac, wood and nails and tell stories about death, devils and saints. He is greatly influenced by The Day of the Dead, Halloween, horror films, churches, The German Expressionists and his time in funeral homes. His work has appeared in gallery shows in the US and Europe and he most recently had a solo show at Anno Domini in San Jose, California.

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