YOU WIN, new book by Akinabooks

Published by Akinabooks, YOU WIN is an allegoric story through the images of this summer Olympics.
It tells of a marathon without rules where opponents use every necessary mean to defeat opponents, while mesmerized spectators try their best to catch every little bit of action.

YOU WIN! is a journey through flags and merchandise, soldiers and drinkers, winners and losers.
This account of wholesale craziness does not claim to be real, but the question it poses is nevertheless important: “YOU WIN?”

It all started with an unusual Olympic reportage, the “2 weeks of madness” project, whose purpose was to provide evidence of the Olympic promises of openness and inclusiveness.

Our fellow journalists attended the 2 weeks events without tickets, VIP cards or contacts.
They tried to understand the point of view of the mistreated “general public”.
They roamed pubs and churches, Stratford and Hackney Wick, Victoria Park and East-End speakeasies to bring back documentation about the state of general summer craziness.

At the end of the Olympics it was clear that the merry-go-round would be soon forgotten like a summer love on the sea-side:
it just happen you have to come back to your normal life.


All pictures were taken during the 2012 summer Olympics in London.
Any similarity to people, events or reality itself is purely coincidental.


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