Steve Dilworth- A Portrait by Paul Cox

It feels that Steve Dilworth – a substantial presence in Robert McFarlane’s new book – is coming into his time. Or: time, slower and deeper in the terrain in which Dilworth is embedded, is letting him swim free. Paul Cox has delivered a clean, sharp report. Watch Steve’s gunpowder eyebrows move. They are still quizzical, but they don’t flinch from intrusion as they did when I arrived with a BBC Late Show crew in the Nineties. Here is the true shaman of intent.


Steve Dilworth- A Portrait from Paul Cox on Vimeo.

1 comment to Steve Dilworth- A Portrait by Paul Cox

  • Patrizia Ramundo

    Wonderful video!
    Projects you in a wonderful demension.
    You can smell the sea and feel the …wild west Hybridis!
    Hope to be able to visit one day!
    The sculptures were amazing.
    The music is great.

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