It’s dark in London

The graphic novel “It’s Dark In London” is now out, Published by Self Made Hero.

Says Iain: “Oscar Zarate’s ‘It’s Dark in London’, a book of ‘graphic’ short stories, has just been reissued by Self Made Hero. Work by Alan Moore, Chris Petit, Stewart Home, Stella Duffy, Neil Gaiman etc etc. I have added two new (brief) texts to my original collaboration with Dave McKean.”

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Originally we announced the book back in April 2011, the following is the original post from 9/4/2011



Coming out in Apr. 2012, a new book containing works of various writers and artists:

It’s Dark in London

“London Noir in graphic form.”

It’s Dark in London features the work of Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, David McKean, Ilya, Carol Swain, Dix, Melinda Gebbie – in tandem with the stories of London writers like Iain Sinclair, Graeme Gordon, Christopher Petit and Stella Duffy. This fusion produces a portrait of London that captures the city’s fundamental essence as an exquisite mixture of lofty towers and gutter sleaze, of suburban gentility and urban depravity, of private vices and public philanthropy.



ALAN MOORE –Watchmen, V for Vendetta, From Hell,
NEIL GAIMAN – The Sandman, Stardust, American Gods
DAVE MCKEAN – Hellblazer, The Sandman, Cages
STELLA DUFFY – Martha Grace, State of Happiness
JONATHAN EDWARDS – Deadline, Tank Girl
JOSH APPIGNANESI – Song of Songs, The Infidel
DIX – Roll Up! Roll Up!
MELINDA GEBBIE – Lost Girls, Tomorrow Stories
ILYA – Skidmarks, The Clay Dreaming
CHRIS HOGG – Killer Fly, Holy Cross
STEWART HOME – Killer Fly, Holy Cross
GRAEME GORDON – Bayswater Bodycount
CHRISTOPHER PETIT – Robinson, The Falconer
WOODROW PHOENIX – Rumble Strip, The Sumo Family
ALEXEI SAYLE – Stalin Ate My Homework
IAIN SINCLAIR – Scarlet Tracings, Downriver
YANA STAJNO – ‘Ten Plastic Roses’, Timeshare
CAROL SWAIN– Invasion of the Mind Sappers, Foodboy
CHRIS WEBSTER – Malus, Wormwood
CARL FLINT – Sonic the Comic
GARRY MARSHAL – Axis Mundi, Missionary Man
WARREN PLEECE – True Faith, The Invisibles

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  • admin

    “Edited by Oscar Zarate. The original was all graphics (comics). The reissue has the same pieces + new prose texts linking the stories. I’ve written a couple of these.”
    Iain Sinclair

  • Edited by Oscar Zarate. The original was all graphics (comics).

  • […] There’s a new SelfMadeHero edition of the long out-of-print 1996 anthology It’s Dark in London edited by the great Oscar Zarate. It’s got all the original stories (by folks like Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Melinda Gebbie, and Woodrow Phoenix) and Iain Sinclair has done a few new prose pieces to link the stories together. For a full list of creators head over to Sinclair’s Official Unofficial Website. […]

  • ILYA

    Hi there

    I’m pretty sure that STEWART HOME is known for a lot of things of his own, as opposed to the excellent comics work of Chris Hogg – Killer Fly, Holy Cross. Shum Mishtake Shurely?

    ILYA (hugely chuffed to be a part of this – perhaps even more than I was back in 1993!)

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