Ghosts of Future London, at the Stoke Newington Bookshop




‘Ghosts of Future London’

01/09/2011 20:00

Iain Sinclair, Sebastian Groes and Maureen Duffy in conversation 

                                                 Sinclair, Duffy and Groes will be discussing how we can use London’s history, myths and fictions to understand the city’s present condition, but also its future.
With the major, irrevocable changes made to the city’s landscape by developments such as the 2012 Olympics and the Shard, are we staring at the future ruins of London?
The discussion is based on the research for Groes’s book on the contemporary London novel, The Making of London (Palgrave)

‘The Making of London is fascinating. Refreshingly free of the dryness that mars a lot of critical writing, and it introduced me to a lot of stuff I previously knew nowt about.’ – Niall Griffiths

This event is £3 entry which includes a glass of wine.


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