Iain to contribute to the Help Siva initiative

Iain has decided to contribute to the Help Siva initiative.

“I have decided to offer a copy of a first edition hardback of ‘Ghost Milk’, which I would inscribe with a special handwritten dedication (for this event). Along with a signed copy of the limited edition booklet, ‘American Smoke’. These books will be sent to the highest bidder. With the money going to the Siva fund.”

This is how it is going to work, and keep in mind this is an informal auction:

1) bids to be sent to helpsiva@iainsinclair.org.uk

2) bidding will close on 27/08/2011 at noon

3) highest bidder will be contacted by email and receive instructions to make payment

4) only two payment options are available:

– a cheque (accepted in the UK): following receipt of the cheque Iain will post, at his own expenses, the 2 books and the cheque will go to the help Siva initiative.

– cash with self-collection – with the added bonus of meeting Iain in person.

Bid generously and if you didn’t win the auction, you could still offer the money to the Help Siva fund or other similar initiatives.

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