Rebuilding after Hackney Riots: Help Siva

Hi IanYou may have heard about Siva, a local shopkeeper in Clarence Road, Hackney, whose shop was devastated in the riots. With buildings insurance but no contents insurance, he has been left with 25 pence to his name, and no means of income. Yesterday a group of local people set up

Within a few short hours, the site had raised around £5,000. In the same way that social media fanned the flames of the riot, it is also providing a rapid response to the situation. Rebuilding trust and confidence is going to be a long difficult task, but restocking Siva’s shelves is something that we can do quickly and effectively if we all pull together. Please donate as much as you can through the link and forward it to anyone who may be interested..

Website Twitter #helpsiva).

A couple of local events are also being organised…

There will be a Community Tea Party on Clarence Rd, a week after the riots, on Monday 15th of August from 5pm onwards. The street will be closed to traffic. This could be a chance for reflection, or a time for socialising and catching up: No speeches, no agenda – this is whatever you, as a member of the local community, want to make it. Please contact if you want to volunteer to help move tables and chairs or help in any way. Please bring cake!

Hackney Homemade Markets on Saturday and Sunday will be going ahead as usual. We will be fundraising for Siva, so please come along to show your support and have a cup of tea.




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