Short film based around ‘Ghost Milk’

There will be a short film based around ‘Ghost Milk’ – which may include some 8mm ‘diary’ footage from my period working at Chobham Farm, on what is now the Westfield site in Stratford, back in 1971.


2 comments to Short film based around ‘Ghost Milk’

  • Paul Healy

    Reading Ghost Milk and finding it as enjoyable and as rich in social and geopolitical commentary as I could have hoped for from a Sinclair ‘documentary’.
    There is one thing that occurred to me (having so far only read to p.352 so this comment might be a little premature and the reference might occur later); I would have thought that an obvious link to China and the contemporary western world could be found in the name of the Chinese National Broadcasting Organisation (CCTV).

  • Peter Kurton

    As a genuine Hackney person (b.1946) I admit I was a little irritated by ‘Hackney that Rose Red Empire’.
    Being a mere immigrant as he is it’s a pity Sinclair never knew Hackney as it really was.
    Having said that, ‘Ghostmilk’ is bang on the button. I have been converted.
    He has actually made me interested in the Olympics and all its sinister connotations. Love his style of writing.
    One observation though, he namedrops far too frequently, especially that of J.G.Ballard. He seems to need to bolster his own views with heavyweight back-up.
    I don’t think he needs to do it. In his own way I believe he is better than Ballard.
    One other minor point; does he mean ‘Phaedra’ and not ‘Psycho’ when mentioning Melina Mercouri in relation to the Greece Olympics or have I missed some vital subtle point Sinclair may have been making? I saw both films in Dalston in the early 60s.
    I saw ‘Psycho’ when I was still slightly underage. Went with my mother. Her presence gave me credit rating in the age department (No one under 16 admitted under any circumstances) she bought the tickets while I stood around trying to look older. Now kids of all ages can watch it on DVD. How modern standards have degenerated now even further in the pursuit of money.
    Sinclair’s wife has bought tickets for 2012. To all those who have siezed upon this straw I say she is a person in her own right. Don’t patronise her by linking her inextricably with Sinclair as if they are one and the same person. In any case Sinclair should feel free to go with her if he wishes. This would not reduce the validity of his book.

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