Ghost milk: the reviews

Reviews of Iain’s new book are pouring in the Net, I’ll try to collect them in this post and if you would like to help feel free to add more as comments.

Tony Hill on

Owen Hatherley on The Independent:

Leyla Sanai on The Independent: This lone struggle against London 2012 needs some help, 17/07/2011

Claire Allfree on Metro:

Jonathan Sale on The Telegraph:

Robert Macfarlane on The Guardian: Iain Sinclair’s struggles with the city of London, Friday 15 July 2011

Sinclair McKay on The Telegraph:, 21 Jul 2011

Polly Devlin on The Irish Times: Dangerous games to play?, 23/07/2011

Michael Bywater on The First Post:  Exposed: the nightmare of the London Olympics, 20/07/2011

Declan Tan on link, 15/12/2011

2 comments to Ghost milk: the reviews

  • Peter Kurton

    As a genuine Hackney person (b.1946) I admit I was a little irritated by ‘Hackney that Rose Red Empire’. A pity Sinclair never knew Hackney as it really was.
    Having said that, ‘Ghostmilk’ is bang on the button. I have been converted. He has actually made me interested in the Olympics and all its sinister connotations.
    I Love his style of writing. One observation though, he namedrops far too frequently, especially that of J.G.Ballard.
    He seems to bolster his own views with heavyweight back-up. I don’t think he needs to do it. In his own way I believe he is better than Ballard.
    One other minor point; does he mean ‘Phaedra’ and not ‘Psycho’ when mentioning Melina Mercouri in relation to the Greece Olympics or have I missed some vital subtle point Sinclair may have been making? I saw both films in Dalston in the early 60s. ‘Psycho’ when I was still underage. Went with my mother with gave me credit rating in the age department (No one under 16 admitted under any circumstances) Now kids of all ages can watch it on DVD. How modern standards have degenerated in the pursuit of money.

    To David Aaronovitch, whose negative review of Ghostmilk is not mentioned above, I would say, Don’t lump Sinclair and his wife together as if she has no personality merely because she has bought tickets. You are clutching at straws if you seek to criticise Sinclair via his wife and you weaken your own arguments. It is patronising. I am sure she has a mind of her own.

  • admin

    I wasn’t aware of the review by David Aaronovitch.
    I went looking for it and I discovered it’s on the Times. However it is in an area reserved to paying customers, therefore I have no access to it.

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