Chris Petit and the invisible pamphlets.

Chris Petit, through his Museum of Loneliness imprint, has just published a booklet of our e-mail exchanges made in relation to Christian Marclay’s THE CLOCK at the White Cube Gallery.

Chris is now producing and issuing a number of these invisible pamphlets, as a way of getting work out, instantly, immediately, when it suits him. And stepping back from the commissioning process. Let’s hope that some of the backlog of film-essays, unseen fragments, and lost features, also begin to emerge from the bunker.


4 comments to Chris Petit and the invisible pamphlets.

  • How do you obtain a copy of the booklet ?

    Very interested.


    Fergus Kelly

  • admin

    I have already asked Iain, waiting for a reply. As soon as I hear anything I will let you know.

  • admin

    I spoke to Chris. It seems like he’s going to produce a 6-pamphlet set (which may or may not include a DVD). I’m seeing him today and I’ll ask how he wants to make it available.


  • ben

    Chris tells me that copies of the Clock booklet will be available from theworldthewayiwantit at 73 Redchurch Street, E2. Price to be set, but modest.

    A set of six copies will be made of the boxed collection of Museum of Loneliness booklets.


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