Wickcentrics, by Leigh Niland

I am sorry this info got lost in my email. Now it’s long overdue, however I thought it was well worth mentioning. My apologies to Leigh Niland and Iain for this mishap.


March 2010

“Wickcentrics was a portrait project about a certain place at a certain time- Hackney Wick and it’s community on the verge of disappearance. The portrait sitters came to sit for one three hour sitting in a building (The Eton Mission) slated for demolition.  The subjects were a sampling of who’s who in Hackney Wick: Those set to be displaced by land development, a Wick Ward councillor, and artists, musicians and writers living in or making work about the area.  The resultant body of work was a collection of photographic, painted and drawn portraits exhibited on the walls of the Eton Mission.”

Leigh Niland

“[…] a  painting which I painted of him [Iain Sinclair] when he came for a portrait sitting last May. […]”

Painting by Leigh Niland, reproduced with kind permission by the Author

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