News from Iain

I’m collecting ‘Postcards from the 7th Floor’ soon. And will be offering 26 special copies, lettered & signed by myself & Oona Grimes, with additional material, for sale. As well as trade copies.

Kevin Ring, as you know, is publishing ‘American Smoke’, a revised extract from GHOST MILK.

And Mr Jones Watches are launching the Compass Road watch that I’ve designed.

I’ve written an introduction for ‘Scamp’ by Roland Camberton (aka Henry Cohen), which has just been reissued by New London Editions (PO Box 8786, Nottingham NG1 9AW). Along with ‘Rain on the Pavements’.

Meanwhile, I’m working with Barney Rowntree on a programme about weather for BBC Radio 4. And researching bicycles for the London Review of Books.


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