Iain at a “coastal festival” in Hastings in September (one with Andrew Kötting).

I received this from Iain:

“There are a number of events in a coastal festival in Hastings in September (one with Andrew Kötting).”

I am trying to find out more, at the moment this is all I have.

If anyone knows anything about these events, please let me know.

The Hastings (+ St Leonards & Rother) arts festival is called Coastal Currents- this is it’s 11th year, and the theme Tracing Hastings. Iain is speaking at the opening event, plus giving a talk Swandown with Andrew Kotting.

This is the direct link to the talk:

The launch event takes place at Alexandra Park on Friday 27 August at 6pm. Speakers are Iain and the Mayor, plus temporary sculptures by the Hastings & Bexhill Recycling Project , roaming performance art by Smalls-Murray, and music by a trio from the Bohemia Ukulele Band.
[Thanks to Lorna Crabbe for the information]

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  • andrew kotting

    Iain and I in the hereunder show
    spread the word to all and sundry and a brief mention in the guardian to boot

    speak soon once the ducks have settled
    farewell for now

    Swandown Exhibition

    November 17th – 1st Dec (Closed Mon & Tue), 12.00 – 5.00pm
    Regency Townhouse

    Swandown is both travelogue and odyssey. For the last five or six years film-maker and artist Andrew Kotting (GALLIVANT, IVUL) and writer Iain Sinclair have been formulating a plot to pedal a Swan shaped pedalo from Hastings to Hackney. As part of the research they have walked the entire route and wherever possible followed, rivers, canals, seas and channels. This installation (at the Regency Town House) is a work-in-progress and includes photographs, film loops and 7 Swandown Bookworks containing maps, plots, evidence, postcards, correspondence and a website. The work might be seen as an endurance test or pedal-marathon undertaken in the spirit of Dada or the psychogeographical meander.

  • admin

    Thanks Andrews.

  • Dear all,

    Please see the flyer below giving information regarding an exhibition of work by UCA staff and students at the Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury. The exhibition is open from 3 December 2010 to 14 January 2011, closed from 18 December to 9 January.

    On Friday, 14 January at 2 p.m., Andrew Kotting and Iain Sinclair will give a perambulation and performance around “Olympia”.

    Kind regards,

  • admin

    Thanks for the info, I have posted it in the events section.

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