Iain Sinclair at the World Literature Weekend

Saturday 19 June at 7 p.m. London Review Bookshop, £8

Yang Lian, Brian Holton and Iain Sinclair

“Yang Lian begins his latest collection, Lee Valley Poems (Bloodaxe), with the statement, ‘There is no international, only different locals’. He began writing traditional poetry while it was proscribed during the Cultural Revolution, and later became a founder of the Misty school of poetry, the underground group centred around the literary magazine Jintian. He was exiled from China after the Tiananmen Square massacre; he is now at home in Stoke Newington and the Lea Valley. His poems collapse distances by combining a deep attention to the particular with the allusiveness of classical Chinese poetry, in which a word or image can contain all of tradition: ‘With the cry of a wild goose, I am drawn into the Tang Dynasty at the instant of hearing, making Lee valley’s waters flow twelve hundred years upstream.’

Yang Lian will be in conversation with his translator, Brian Holton, and Iain Sinclair, poet, documentary-novelist and East Londoner.”

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