English Journey Re-Imaged: Iain Sinclair, Alan Moore, Paul Smith and others on the the footsteps of JB Priestley


Live Performance at The Sage Gateshead

Sun 14th March from 8:00pm until 11:00pm

In 1933, during the Great Depression, JB Priestley travelled from London to the North East to write his legendary book English Journey. His social commentary influenced the thoughts of an entire generation, inspiring George Orwell and informing both the creation of the welfare state and the birth of CND.

Over 75 years since its publication, in a new era of recession, AV Festival 10 brings together leading writers and musicians to perform moments from a contemporary journey, offering new social observations and predictions of the future. Award-winning authors and psycho-geographers IAIN SINCLAIR and ALAN MOORE undertake their own journeys across England through the darkness and light. This special North East journey draws on influences including ghosts on Lindisfarne, Morden Tower poets, the paintings of John Martin and Jimi Hendrix busking in Newcastle – invoking and re-animating these spirits and memories.

Iain Sinclair is one of Britain’s most original writers and filmmakers. Since the 1960s his work has presented a new vision of the modern city. His seminal work London Orbital was based on a walk around the M25. Alan Moore is a British writer most famous for his acclaimed work in graphic novels including the acclaimed series Watchmen, V for Vendetta and From Hell.

The performance is underscored by a specially commissioned soundscape performed by musicians:

FM EINHEIT, the percussionist and long-time band member from legendary 1980s German band Einstürzende Neubauten, renowned for playing custom-made metal instruments.

STEPHEN O’MALLEY, guitarist and founder of leading experimental and drone doom bands Sunn O))), KTL and Gravetemple.

SUSAN STENGER, leading performer of music by John Cage and Christian Wolff and co-founder of Band of Susans, The Brood, Big Bottom. Stenger has bridged the rock and art music worlds throughout her career, composing and performing for flute, electronics and electric guitar.

The event also features a new projected moving image work by visual artist GRAHAM DOLPHIN, including material gleaned from the Northern Region Film and Television Archive.

Special guests include: poets Tom Chivers and Tom Pickard the Newcastle-born poet who co-founded Morden Tower.

Co-commissioned by AV Festival 10 and Aldeburgh Music Faster Than Sound. Produced by AV Festival 10, blatfirstpetite and The Sage Gateshead

£12 / £10 concessions. Tickets available direct from The Sage Gateshead or call 0191 443 4661

A video on the event:

7 comments to English Journey Re-Imaged: Iain Sinclair, Alan Moore, Paul Smith and others on the the footsteps of JB Priestley

  • Michael Eaton

    Hello, Iain. Are you coming anywhere near Nottingham?
    Best, Michael

  • admin

    I have asked Iain and this is the answer:
    “Only fixed events are Aldeburgh (now done) and Gateshead. Paul Smith, who is promoting the show, would like to move on to Northampton (Alan’s base).
    But nothing has been confirmed. And I favour a summer venue at Hastings….

  • Anne Hill Fernie

    Awww….not even a token visit to the North West (specifically Manchester)? I think Iain underestimates his nationwide allure…………Cheers, Anne.

  • admin

    I did give a talk at Urbis in Manchester last year… and have a long Manchester essay (and other n/w material) in the book I’m working on…

  • hi Iain, this project sounds wonderful and links to a series of events that I’m involved in organizing at the art school in Dublin. We’d love to host a visit by yourself and Alan to Dublin if this is possible and makes sense for you (I realise this would be way off your planned route but I hope it’s worth considering). If you’re interested, we’d be delighted if you could get in touch. Best wishes
    Declan Long

  • Colin

    I really enjoyed the evening at SAGE. Tom Pickard was a great addition. It was great to see someone finally giving Basil Bunting a proper nod.
    Keep up the good work

  • I enjoyed immensely English Journey Revisited at The Sage, the performances were strong and the event unique on many levels. I’ve penned a wee tribute piece on my site. I hope some day you’ll make it to Glasgow. A continuing inspiration, Mr Sinclair, thank you.

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