New book(s) launch at Maggs Bros (Living with Buildings and the ultimate bibliography)

Iain and Jeffrey Johnson will launch their latest books in a combined event at Maggs Bros in London from 6pm on December 4th.
There will be a Q&A session with the public starting at 7pm.
Copies of the books will be available for sale and Iain and Jeff to sign them.

Belated 10th anniversary

I just realised that this website has been around for over 10 years, in fact it started in June 2008.

Happy 10th anniversary!

A huge thank you to Iain for letting me create this website and for feeding it with details about his work and his life.


Living with Buildings and Walking with Ghosts, a review

One of the advantages of working 12 hours a day is that one can miss almost anything else other than work.

For example the fact that Iain just published not one, but two new books!

I missed the opportunity to even announce these books post-publication.

Here is a review… “The Urban Wanderer” on a website subtitled “The Newspaper of Resistance”. 

A link:


Iain appointed as Distinguished Writer-in-Residence by The University of Surrey School of Literature and Languages

News of Iain being appointed as Distinguished Writer-in-Residence by the University of Surrey, School of Literature and Languages:\


A recording of “Tottering State” now available

There is a YouTube record of the ‘Tottering State’ readings at the Horse Hospital. A film made by Derek Smith. It seems, these days, that everything is recorded. Fallible memory records are going out of fashion.