Haggerston park

In this interview Iain talks about his relation with Haggerston park.


A group of residents are asking members of the public to ask the council to save the park from several projects to develop on it.

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Caught by the river Thames

Iain will appear at this festival in or near Fulham.



Real South Bank: Chris McCabe, Iain Sinclair & Peter Finch

Poetry and more on Sat. 9th of July at 19.30 at the Southbank centre



Iain talks in WEST Hampstead (and don’t mistake WEST Hampstead for Hampstead)

Yours truly has been scolded for forgetting the “West” in front of “Hampstead”.

Apparently the people of “West Hampstead” are “poles apart, physically, socially and temperamentally” from the people in “Hampstead”.

I have never visited that area so I can’t really tell but feel free to comment if you wish…

Incidentally it’s Independence Day in the USofA.

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London Overground premiere tomorrow at the Rio Cinema

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